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Karen McBoob

The Boob

Karen McBoob won the Nobel Prize in literature, never. She also never won a PEN/Faulkner Award or a Pulitzer, but one time she did win a PA lottery scratch ticket for three-hundred bucks.

All of the illustrations on this site were created by Karen (unless specifically noted otherwise). Some of Karen’s other talents include being a concert pianist, having a photographic memory, teaching yoga, and lying about having other talents.

Karen is a former distance swimmer and was the first person ever to swim from Cuba to Florida without using a shark cage. Oh wait, that was Diana Nyad.

Karen lives in a yurt near Philadelphia, PA, with her husband, Fran, and two dogs. Their dogs, Fergus and Maggie, are both AKC Champions (the AKC stands for “Always Keepin it Cute”). Karen also enjoys making up a bunch of shit whenever she is asked to write a bio, then just writes it in the third person, because she thinks it sounds more believable that way.

She would be wrong.

Thankfully, she doesn’t do this throughout the entire site. She says you’re welcome.

Also, she’s terribly sorry for the overdone joke about her bio page being written in the third person. #SorryNotSorry















~ The Boob