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Maggie (AKA Piglet) McBoob

Terrier Slash Dodo Mix

Full Name: Margaret Mary Mae McBoob.

She was named after my mom, Margaret, and my mother in law, Mary. This is how I made up for not giving them any grandchildren. (It was down to a dog or a pygmy goat and Fran didn’t want a goat).

We also gave Maggie a second middle name … Mae … (and by we I mean me) because for some reason, I often refer to her as Maggie Mae, and I’m not even from the south, so go figure. Still, it’s very apropos that her initials are MMMM, cuz she lurvs to eat. But it hardly matters what her formal name is, since we usually call her Piglet.

Here’s a picture of her when we first got her. She was around a year old.


Her left and right ears alternate between listening hard and not giving a single fuck.

~ The Boob