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Book Cover Chronicles of a Boob, Vol. 1, by Karen McCoolHoly crap! I wrote a book! And thanks, to so many two of you for encouraging me to write it. I hope you’re fucking happy now.

Chronicles of a Boob, Vol. 1, is possibly the best paranormal romance of 2016 (if paranormal romances were humorous memoirs about breast biopsies and anxiety). If you’ve ever had a breast biopsy, and like to laugh, this book is for you. It’s also for you if you have boobs, or anxiety, or have always wanted a book with a nipple wearing glasses on the cover.

Many thanks to Tonnie, of Seery Design for creating the book cover, and to my editor Lola, for all her help and especially for letting me know when my writing wasn’t funny. (I still stand by that “pull my finger” bit, but whatever, it’s been edited out, and we have Lola to thank for that.)


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Watch the book teaser, below!

Ahem. If you hated that video … um … never judge a book by it’s trailer? But also, the book is always better than the movie.

Chronicles of a Boob, Vol. 1, available on Amazon now:

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