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For Snow

This page is for Snow () who disappeared (hopefully only temporarily) from twitter the other day. All her twitter friends in #TheBloggessTribe #BloggessGang want to make sure she knows we are all thinking about her, we love her and we miss her.

You fuckin’ rock Snow!

I drew this picture for you. It’s from “We Bare Bears” because I think that may have been your avatar. Someone please correct me if I drew the wrong polar bear!


This was Snow’s pinned tweet (and I really love her for this):

So, if  #TheBloggessTribe was a basketball team, this would totally be us:


Okay you guys, so I got a hold of Snow. She says she is “okay” but not feeling very people-y at the moment. I’m sure we can all relate. I know I can. I told her we’re all worried about her and asked if she had anything she wanted me to relate to the Tribe. She said:

… I wasn’t even asking for any help, yet here you are making me feel loved and, at the risk of sounding overly cheesy, maybe even worthy of that love. I’m not mentally ok currently, but I believe I will be.

… by all means you can tell everyone you talked to me. I wouldn’t know what to say other than the sentiments are much appreciated (more than I can verbally express) and just knowing that I do have friends out there helps me a lot. You all make it a little easier to not recede too far into myself with the bitch of a brain I have, and make me feel less lonely–even when I’m alone.

If anyone wants to let Snow know you miss or her or if you want to send her well wishes or just a funny picture or whatever, tweet me @PointlessBoob and I’ll add it to this page. If you want to say anything longer than a tweet, DM me on twitter. Use the hashtag #4Snow. UPDATE: Shit! That hashtag is already being used… let’s change it to #4SnowX  (The first 5 letters in her twitter handle).

Okay … I’ll start with this one:

By the way … here are Snow’s cats:

I’m not sure why, but I’ve noticed that some tweets don’t allow me to embed them. It looks like this may be account specific (is there a setting in privacy that allows you to turn off the embed capability?). As long as you guys use the hashtag #4SnowX … your tweet should appear below. I’ll only post tweets here that (a) let me embed them and (b) where the author of the tweet didn’t use that hashtag, but wanted me to pass the tweet on to Snow. Thanks to everyone who contributed to making this page for Snow awesome!

Stream for hashtag #4SnowX